The only thing cuter than Jennifer and Lukas’ love and happiness might be their dog Timber, but that’s hard to decide.

The last place I’d ever expect to find love would’ve been the gym, but it turns out that’s exactly were fate wanted Kelsie + Ross to find each other.

You know that feeling when you meet someone new and you instantly hit it off? Well, I imagine that’s how Brandi and Kevin must have felt after their first date.

Cassidy and Cody are incredibly sweet, caring, and loving people whose smiles were contagious on their big day.

Maria and Thomas are blessed with the gift of time. High-school sweethearts who embody soulmates.

Leanne and Callen both attended the same college in Wisconsin to study physical therapy; however they never officially met during their time there.

Full of love, and adoration for one another, Anne and Aaron are an all around beautiful couple. It felt effortless photographing them as their love for one another was easily captured.

Starting new chapters of life can always be a tad scary….in the case of Hannah and Mitchell, it led them to each other.

In my profession, I’m thankful to meet with couples who embody that warm and sunny day feeling – photographing Allison and Dylan resembled just that.

It was a rainy morning as Mackenzie and Carlton got ready for their wedding day in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.