You know that feeling when you meet someone new and you instantly hit it off? Well, I imagine that’s how Brandi and Kevin must have felt after their first date.

Cassidy and Cody are incredibly sweet, caring, and loving people whose smiles were contagious on their big day.

It was a rainy morning as Mackenzie and Carlton got ready for their wedding day in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.

The sun was shining when Justin and Krystal shared their vows at Black Sheep Wedding & Events in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Allie looked absolutely stunning as her and Chad began the next chapter in their lives together at Devil’s River Campground in Maribel, WI.

The sun was shining and the breeze was blowing as Andy waited for the barn doors to open at the Cupola Barn in Oconomoc, WI.

It was a gorgeous sunny day in Appleton, Wisconsin as Joshua and Stephanie shared their vows.